the Romantic of a Letter


    Have you ever wrote a letter with a pen, a bottle of ink and some paper to somebody?

    At the time that telephone, mobile and internet were not born, somebody, maybe your beloves, your parents, your brothers and sisters or your friends, who are far from you. When you miss him or her, take a pen and write your life and heart to him or her.  Thinking about his or her face while the words come out form the pen. The yellow warm light draw tender light line on the tipe of your nose.

    Put down the pen and fold the paper with your smiles and tears, put it in the envelope and stick the stamp. Some days later, take  the letter to the post office maybe miles away. Then your words fly to the one you miss. 

   You know that he or she is expecting it. the small letter bears happiness and sad.

  When the post man takes the letters to him or her, the smiles and tears may fly from thousands of miles or years. He or she maybe old or gone, but the emotion and feels  is true and be there.

   That's the romantic of a letter, lying on the softest and quiet place of your heart.



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